Guidance for your
shared home

Ping is a system of physical touchpoints to share information on your guests' smartphones.

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For a better experience

Our homes were never intended to be rented out. Ping improves the experience for absent hosts who are renting out their flats and their visiting guests. Using Ping hosts are able to prepare a digital guide book for a more personal and interactive communication.

Let your guests get to know you

Ping allows you to use videos and voice recordings in your communication.
Welcome them with a nice introductory video or explain them your TV setup in a few sentences.

Be there for your guests

With Ping there should be no need anymore for your guests ask questions during their stay.

But just in case, you are always just one tap away. Allow guests to call you or send you a message using Ping.

Turn guests into locals

Ping supports guests when they are inside and outside your home. Let them know where you
 usually buy your groceries, tell them about your favourite pizza place or where to get the best coffee.

What the media says

"Ping Takes The Pain Out Of Navigating A New Airbnb"

Ping soon on Kickstarter

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