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Manage a safe return to work during COVID-19 with Ping Health Tools

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies around the world are currently facing the same problems with managing a safe return to work. Reopening offices comes with a set of unknown challenges, like managing office capacity and putting social distancing measures in place. This requires the implementation of new processes.

To support employers with these new challenges, we have built a set of Health Tools in addition to our product. We are excited to share, that we are now launching those tools in a closed beta to small group of companies. During this beta, we will continue to improve and refine those tools in close collaboration with our clients.
If you want to join the ongoing beta, please sign up here.

To give you an idea of what these Health Tools offer, we have outlined some of the features below.

Health Checks & Check-ins

We introduced the option to require Check-ins for employees before coming into the office. You can enforce check-ins by sending out emails to employees in the morning as a reminder.

One part of the daily check-in is a set of health questions, which employees have to answer beforehand. We are providing a standard set of questions, which we have put together following current knowledge and guidelines around COVID-19. Depending on how users respond to these questions, they will be granted a check-in for the day, or receive guidelines when to return to work.

Capacity Management

With Health Tools you can manage the capacity for your offices and meeting rooms. This means that you can restrict the number of people that can check-in to your offices on any given day, and limit the number of people in a meeting room to 50% of the seats.
Once the capacity limit for an office is reached on a day, no other employees can check-in, unless you specifically grant them access.

Before people make a booking for a meeting room, you can require them to confirm that the number of participants does not exceed the capacity limit.

Use the analytics tools in your Ping account to monitor the capacity utilisation over time. These insights will help you with strategic decisions about your offices and spaces.

Safety & Social Distancing Guidelines

When reopening offices, there are a number of guidelines about health, safety and social distancing that you will need to communicate. Ping Health Tools allow you to manage, structure and communicate these guidelines efficiently.

Ping will email the guidelines to all of your employees at once, or once they check-in. If you wish Ping can also make employees agree to them before granting a check-in. So you can be sure that every person in your office has read the guidelines.


We will continue to improve the Health Tools in the closed beta, and listen to the feedback of our early adopters. If you wish to join the beta before we open up Health Tools to the public, please express your interest by signing up via the form below. We will be happy to support your company with returning to the workplace.

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