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Our take on traditional room displays. Easy setup. Cost-efficient. Sustainable. With zero maintenance. A simple answer to a simple task.

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How Ping Dots work

Mount the Ping Dots at your meeting rooms

Get started in two simple steps: stick your Ping Dots to the wall, and select which meeting room they belong to in the Ping App.

Scan or tap with your smartphone

At the room, your employees scan or tap the Ping Dot with their smartphone to access the Ping App. Good to know: users can onboard themselves through the app.

Book the room with the Ping App

Users are taken straight to the room schedule in the Ping App. This allows them to check the availability for the room, and make a booking right on the spot.

Sustainable design

Saving energy for you

Other than room displays, the Ping Dot does not require electricity or charging. And with its wooden body, it can be almost 100% recycled. Good for you and the environment.


How to connect

The Ping Dot comes with three ways to connect with your smartphone. Scan the QR-Code, tap your phone to use NFC, or enter the URL. Whatever you choose, it will get you to the Ping App in a matter of seconds.

Zero maintenance

Working for you, not the other way round

Other than room displays, that need to be updated, cleaned, charged and replaced from time to time, Ping Dots require literally no maintenance. Once on the wall, there is nothing more to worry about.

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