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Unlock the potential.

A space is nothing without the people in it. We make sure you understand how people use your space, help you to see the pitfalls and ultimately unlock unused potential.


Scheduling, your way.

This is the very core of our product. Scheduling. We made it visual, simple and instant. Ping makes sure every user in your space finds the right room for their requirements. And on your watch – set up scheduling rules and manage existing schedules to meet everyone’s needs.


We help you understand.

A good decision is based on insights. We will provide you with those. Understand who uses which of your meeting rooms at what time. Do you need more rooms, should you limit the hours per user or should you charge extra? The decision is yours, but we will guide you along the way.

Earn Money
Coming 2020

A new revenue stream.

In coworking spaces it is common practice that users are entitled to a limited amount of meeting room usage per month. In order for coworking managers to charge for any additional usage of their users, we are currently working on a payment feature (via Credit Cards). You can expect a roll-out in our web app by Mid 2019.

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