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Made for dynamic spaces.

Ping was founded from within a coworking space, so this type of environment is in our DNA. Our solution allows coworking spaces to cut down on the onboarding process, enable networking amongst users and create a new revenue stream. For happy coworkers and happy space managers.


As simple as possible.

You most likely have new people in a coworking space on a daily basis. To take the pain and effort out of onboarding new users, we have cut it down to a bare minimum. You can allow every person in the space to book a limited room time right away, without an account. Once they find the time, they can move on to create an account by themselves. You then activate their account through our Space Management Dashboard.

Coming 2020

Connect with people.

A coworking space is nothing without the people in it. Ping can help to connect with each other. See who made a booking, and text them to see if they can accommodate your own room requirements. Or go on and discover other members of the space, filtering by profession, skills and interests. You can expect a roll-out of the community features in our web app by Mid 2019.

Earn Money
Coming 2020

A new revenue stream.

In coworking spaces it is common practice that users are entitled to a limited amount of meeting room usage per month. In order for coworking managers to charge for any additional usage of their users, we are currently working on a payment feature (via Credit Cards). You can expect a roll-out in our web app by Mid 2019.

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