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With our app, your team can book the right room fast. Plus, it simply runs in any mobile browser.

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Instant access for everyone

Invite and pre-authorise users to Ping, so your employees can onboard themselves through the app. Since Ping App runs in your mobile browser, there is also no need to download an app from the app store first.


Find rooms and check schedules

Get a quick overview of all the available rooms in the office with the Ping App, and filter for nearby rooms with the amenities or number of seats you are looking for. Once you have your eye on a room, jump to the room schedule.


Make bookings and check in

Select an available time slot, and tap “Book now” to secure the room. You can always come back to edit your booking. When arriving for your meeting, Ping will remind you to check-in to confirm your booking.

Room List

All rooms at your fingertips

Get an overview of all rooms in the office with the room list in the Ping App. Check their current status, location in the building, number of seats and amenities (Projector, TV, Google Chromecast, etc.).


Find the right room

You will need different rooms for a quick catch-up with a colleague, or a project briefing with the whole team. Filter available rooms by date, amenities, size or location.


Make and edit bookings

Once you picked a room, make your booking in a matter of seconds. Select an available time slot, and tap “Book now”. If you change your mind, you can always come back and edit or cancel your booking.


Never miss a booking again

When your room booking is approaching, Ping will send you reminders via email. You can easily jump to edit or cancel the booking right from within the email.


Secure your space by checking in

To avoid booked rooms sitting empty, you need to check in to the room when arriving for your meeting. You can do it from within the reminder email that Ping sends, or by tapping the Ping Dot device outside the meeting room.

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