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Cost-efficient with zero maintenance.

We believe a basic need like scheduling and room booking should not give you any headaches. That’s why Ping is the most cost-efficient physical solution on the market. With zero maintenance, so you literally never have to think about our devices again.


Find the right room.

Get a room for your meeting in an instance. Filter available rooms by date, amenities, size or location.


We integrate nicely.

You can continue to use your existing calendar with Ping. We natively integrate with common solutions like G Suite, Office 365 and iCloud. And we can also help with your custom requirements. Please get in touch.


We help you understand.

A good decision is based on insights. We will provide you with those. Understand who uses which of your meeting rooms at what time. Do you need more rooms, should you limit the hours per user or should you charge extra? The decision is yours, but we will guide you along the way.


A no worries solution.

Especially with large deployments it is key to keep the maintenance to a minimum. We went one step further: no maintenance at all. Our devices need no electricity, so there is no need for an electric installation, replacements or regular charging. Stick our device to the wall, and you are done.

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