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Ping helps your team to find the right meeting room in seconds. Use it to manage meeting rooms efficiently, and automatically free up space that is not being used.

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How Ping works

Find a room

Find an available room nearby with the Ping App. Or scan the Ping Dot device at one of the meeting rooms, to check the room schedule and make a booking.


Whether you’re already in the room or just getting to the office, secure your space by checking in. Confirm your room by tapping “check in” in the reminder email, or by scanning the Ping Dot device at the room.

Free up space

No longer need your room? Free up space for others by tapping “Cancel my booking” in your reminder email. Even if you forget to cancel, Ping will take care of it with auto-cancellations.

Key features

Room management & booking
Book at the room
Amenities & space categories
Booking rules

How Ping can improve your workplace


Enable your team to do their best work

Ping removes friction in your team’s day to day routines, so they can focus at the task at hand. With Ping, they find the right room fast.


Put an end to empty rooms and no-shows

With check-ins and automatic cancellations in case of a no-show, Ping will free up unused rooms.


Understand your space and the people in it

Thanks to analytics, you will quickly understand what type of rooms are in high demand, and what your employees are still missing.

Ping works flawlessly with your existing calendars.

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