Our new Space Management Dashboard

We are happy to announce that we just launched a major update to our Space Management Dashboard. This is a big step forward for Ping clients when it comes to managing their setups, especially across several locations and offices. Below we put together an overview of the most important resources and features.
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Spaces are offices or whole buildings, or even an entire campus, depending on how you wish to structure your organisation’s spaces. Give your members access to certain spaces only, or all of them at once. You can set up as many spaces as you like. Upload photos to showcase the spaces, and share important information like the physical address.


Rooms are at the core of Ping, and can be booked via the Ping App by the members of your organisation. You can manage room details like seats, amenities (Whiteboard, TV, …), location in the building, name or description. Or upload photos to give your members an idea of the room, so they can find the right fit for any occasion.
Our pricing is based on the number of rooms that you manage through Ping. If you want to add more rooms later, simply upgrade your subscription from within the Dashboard.


With amenities you have a powerful tool at your hand. Manage amenities and assign them to your rooms, so that members can simply filter for certain equipment or technology in the app upfront. This will save time and nerves in the run up to meetings. And it will quickly give you an idea what the people in your organisation are mostly looking for in conference rooms.


Our Ping Dot smart devices link your rooms physically to the Ping App. When you subscribe to Ping, you also order our hardware along with it. The devices will appear in your Space Management Dashboard, and can be linked to your rooms once you set them up.
Afterwards simply mount your devices next to the doors of the rooms that you have set up. Members of your organisation can now tap their phones to the devices (NFC), or scan the QR code on the front. This will take them straight to the room’s schedule and booking feature.

Our smart device Ping Dot


Through the Space Management Dashboard you also manage the members of your organisation. Invite your employees to Ping, which allows them to check and book rooms in certain spaces and / or the whole of your organisation.

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