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Create a COVID safe workplace with a touchless room booking system

What is a COVID safe workplace? There are various factors that should be taken into account. But one key area is a touchless environment wherever possible, in addition with widely available hand sanitisers.

Touching door handles, elevator buttons or displays in the office was not a huge concern until recently. But since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the are rising concerns around communal surfaces and any interactions that involve a physical touch.

A lot of these physical interactions can be replaced with touchless technologies though. Gesture, motion, voice or facial recognition as well as QR-Codes & NFC are some of the key technologies that allow people to control doors, locks or devices without having to touch any common surfaces.
Personal devices like a smartphone play an important role in this. They allow you to perform tasks on your own device and avoid touching public surfaces. Access control systems like Kisi are a good example for identifying yourself with your smartphone.

Choose a touchless room booking system for your safe workplace

For managing meeting rooms you should try to avoid room display solutions where possible. This encourages people to book rooms using these public displays.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on walk-up bookings. Ping is a meeting room booking system that comes with smart devices, which are simply mounted next to meeting rooms. To access the booking screen, you either scan the QR Code on the front or the NFC chip that sits within.
This way all you need is your own smartphone make and edit bookings.
On top, you can also check-in to your meetings using the devices.

Apply now to join the closed beta of Ping Health Tools. Our new product addition allows you to manage capacities in your offices, perform health checks and create an overall COVID safe workplace.

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