Frequently Asked Questions

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About Ping

You should have a working internet connection, Bluetooth enabled and our Ping app installed on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android).

We use beacons within the touch points, small Bluetooth devices which run on the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard. Our beacons are transmitting the iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) protocols. These signals can be picked up by smartphones with an iOS or Android operating system where Bluetooth is enabled.

The estimated life time is about 6 months. Our beacons get their energy from a coin cell battery within the touch points. This battery is easily accessible from the bottom of the touch point.

The red top and the size are meant to make the touch points stand out and make them easily recognisable in all sorts of interiors.

Generally speaking, all Bluetooth Smart enabled devices can pick up Bluetooth Low Energy signals. These include Apple devices (iOS 5+) from iPhone 4S onwards and Android devices (Android 4.3+) like: Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One, Google Nexus, LG G3.

We recommend to install our apps (available for iOS and Android). This will give you best experience and integration possible.
But: Ping is fully built as a web service, and all the information can be accessed through a common browser application like Google Chrome. The beacons within our touch points transmit URLs through the Eddystone URL protocol, which Google calls the Physical Web. These transmitted URLs can be picked up by Android devices or Apple devices with a Google Chrome browser installed - without the need of having the Ping app on your smartphone.

Yes, as a host it is your choice if you want to make your entries within Ping only available for people inside your apartment, or if you want to share certain bits also with a wider public (like recommendations in your area).